Vessel Monitoring

Video Recorder Many of our customers have s built-in bias toward purchasing a smaller system than they need. So our advice is to purchase the cameras you feel are needed, but make sure your DVR is equipped with a few more inputs than you have cameras. This way for a minimal up front cost, you can add additional cameras anytime in the future without having to purchase an entirely new DVR. If you are like most of your customers, you will be glad you did, potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

Another common dilemma is the choice between a traditional time lapse VCR and a digital video recorder. The VCR cost less to buy, but most need to rebuilt or replace after 2 years or so of constant operation. Prices on DVR’s have fallen drastically, making them a very wise and cost effective choice. Here’s why: with a DVR, the only moving parts are in the hard drive. A typical hard drive will outlast at least 2 VCR’s. Add to that the wonderful convenience and ease of use of the DVR and it is an easy decision.

The DVR gives you instant accessibility, no hassling with tapes, any image degradation from dirty heads and better reliability. And our DVR’s with remote accessibility make it an even easier choice. The ability to log on from anywhere via Internet, and view your home or business is huge benefit.

Tips and facts

Steps must be taken to ensure the physical security and integrity of the system’s recording device. Placement of the recording device in a restricted access location, such as a locked cabinet or room, is highly recommended.

10 tips to get the most from your Securty Camera

  1. Choose the right DVR & storage capacity for you. Getting the best results from your DVR begins with choosing a system that can handle your needs.
  2. Set the right frame rate. One of the easiest features to set, more than deciding which buttons to push needs to be considered when choosing which frame rate is right for you.
  3. Keep your DVR recording with the overwrite feature. Learn how to control your DVR by mastering this archive feature.
  4. Turn your DVR into a full-time security guard. Learn how to make your DVR work for you by activating alarm inputs, alarm outputs, and motion detection.
  5. Don’t let conversations go unheard. Most DVRs have the audio capability and by adding an accessory, like a high-quality mic, your DVR con record video, AND audio.
  6. Make your DVR tamperproof. Safeguard your video footage by preventing unauthorized access.
  7. Protect your investment from power surges& failures. This standard accessory offers peace of mind that your DVR goes on performing without interruption.
  8. Access & manage your DVR virtually anywhere. By taking advantage of this technological advancement, you can learn how to access your video over the Internet.
  9. Be prepared to offload your video (and audio). Caught it on the tape, now what? Have your video footage packaged and ready to hand off to law enforcement officials, attorneys, insurance agencies, and more.
  10. Optimize the video quality with the optimal connection. Learn how to get the best picture quality on your monitor.

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